I am a web developer and technology advocate based in Utah.

I have worked for various companies and in different enviroments. Everything from e-commerce to blockchain, corporations to client centered studios, and startups to established companies. I have enjoyed each one and learned a little something from each one. I specialize in full stack development with extensive experience in PHP, Javascript, CSS processors, and a bit of DevOps. I enjoy working with open source software and sharing innovations with other people.

I built this site using Hugo, Tailwind CSS, and a little bit of Javascript. For deployment I use Netlify which pulls content from a GitHub repository. It began as an experiment in exploring the world of JAMstack development. I was drawn to this through my interest in lean, elegant, optimized websites; and while I don’t recommend this for every website, I do think that it is an exciting new frontier in web development.

I maintain this site as a way for me to write about some of the projects I’m involved in, post discoveries and solutions to issues that I’ve stumbled upon, and also to share more of what I’m doing. Since I am a web developer, many posts revolve around the web in some kind of way. However, restricting myself to that scope alone wouldn’t be very fun for me. There’s other projects not related to writing code that I work on which might be useful for the technical community at large. It is my hope that you can find a gem in this blog that interests you or may be even helps you. I welcome comments and constructive criticism on my posts, if you notice somthing could be done a better way.